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$69 Houston CHL classes*

(Click here for Class Calendar)  Call or Text - (281)-734-8902


 Free ClipartNorthwest Houston  -  $69 *Includes both class and Range fee.

One Day CHL

Call or Text - (281)-734-8902
Greg Smith TXDPS#01682212

What is the full cost of a CHL?
Scroll down a little and look at "Licensing Process" in the right column. It's all spelled out. CHL classes are all multi-media and in AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT!

The CHL classroom session covers all required knowledge in understandable terms. The classes are only $69 weekend/weekday for new applicants, and are always in comfortable meeting rooms at climate-controlled facilities in Northwest Houston. Class start times vary. Check the calendar.

First, go to "CALENDAR" tab to pick a CHL class date, then to "REGISTRATION AND DEPOSIT" tab, and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions or suggestions,
...OR CALL ME at 281-734-8902.

You will need 50 rounds of ammo for qualifying. I do have ammo for sale. I will provide a firearm if you need one (limited availability, $10 per session). Qualifying will be easy. 20 rounds at nine feet, 20 rounds at 21 feet and ten rounds at 45 feet. 175 points out of a possible 250 qualifies you.

Take a lesson, watch a match, get involved. You will be glad you did!
New Shooter and Safety Courses!
We offer a Basics Course for anyone who has never used a firearm, is not comfortable with one, or just wants to get better. It starts from the basics and really is a lot of fun and good information. These are private lessons about two hours in length. Fee is $100.00. To request a date convenient for you... Email your request or call me at 281-734-8902, and leave a message.

To pre-pay a lesson, click here to pay.

Some of the best prices I have found.
Tomball Pawn - Call them!

    • Safety
    • Alternatives to using deadly force
    • Statutes applying to carrying concealed handguns
    • The use of force and deadly force
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Guns and Children
    • Situational Awareness / SAFETY

Some useful links ...


2) MidwayUSA

3) Texas State Rifle Assn

4) TXDPS CHL License Bureau on-line



Call me if you need help along the way.

1. Sign up for a class date and make a class deposit.

2. Go to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) web site.

3. Complete the forms and pay your state licensing fee. Remember there are several discounts available for veterans and senior citizens, as well as law enforcement. If you don't have an exemption, the state fee is $142 for the first-time license.

4. Download the receipt. Don't miss this step. If you were born out of the country, click this HERE to see what documents TXDPS accepts.

5. Schedule a fingerprinting appointment
      i. Call the number provided from TXDPS or go on-line and set an appointment with the state contractor. This is $10.
     ii. Do NOT have any photos taken. DPS now uses you driver's license photo.

6. At the successful conclusion of my class, I will give you the CHL-100 form needed for the TXDPS.

Total outlay is class, state fee, and fingerprinting. Without exemptions, it's $220 ($69 class, $142 state fee, and $10 fingerprinting) for new applicants for the first five years.

 If you have questions or suggestions, let me know.